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Welcome to the Open Distribution Network

With increasing usage of smart phones, computer pads/tablets, laptops and netbooks, retail consumers do not want to spent time searching multiple websites, making phone calls or emailing booking requests, but want, with a click of the mouse, to have access to a wide range of travel and tourism related products and services that is available through a global network of reservation distribution systems and sales channels to make their travel planning easier.

The next generation of internet based travel and tourism reservation and distribution systems, uses powerful 'non proprietary', multi-platform 'Cloud' based reservation and distribution software technology, offering powerful pre-built customizable functionality, delivering features, benefits and price performance, that allows them to out perform any other product of its type in the market place today.

These systems have been designed for accommodation, tour, events companies, ferry, airline and bus operators, restaurants, rental boat agencies, rental vehicle operators, website owners, online travel agents, walk in travel agencies, regional tourism agencies, online magazines, etc, access to multiple global sales channels, distribution systems and networks, allowing retail customers, with a click of a mouse, to check in real time from a wide range of tourism products and services - availability, prices and make instant confirmation booking/s or create their own travel holiday, using itinerary building technology and be able to make payment through a central payment gateway from their smart phone, computer pad/tablet, netbook, laptop or PC - 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

As a next generation OTA (OPENTRAVELâ„¢ ALLIANCE) compliant, 'Non-Proprietary', multi-platform internet 'Cloud' based, global reservation distribution system - the Open Distribution Network has been designed for all tourism and travel operators, suppliers, sales channels, reservation and distribution companies providing a range of communication and distribution features, to reduce advertising and distribution costs, increase reservations, financial returns and market coverage with cost effective solutions.


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