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If you are a tourism or travel distribution system, network, aggregator or sales channel, your business can be connected to the Open Distribution Network allowing your tourism or travel related product or services be available to other wholesalers, e-wholesalers, tour operators, online travel agents, travel or tourism aggregators or distribution sales channels, including our Retail Partners Network, with additional exposure on a regional or global basis.

For a small one off connection fee and a small yearly network access fee, your business will have access to a wide range of sales and distribution channels, a cost effective way of distributing your clients products or services to a broader market.

Since our Network is an 'Open Internet Distribution' platform, your business is free to develop your own business and supply agreements with any software, supplier or distribution supplier that is connected to the Open Distribution Network.

If your business would like to have access to our Retail Partners Network, a commission fee will be charged for every 'Confirmed/Travelled', 'Confirmed/Stayed' or 'Confirmed/Used' booking/reservation that has been generated by a retail partner registered to our Retail Partners Network.

The Open Distribution Network is OTA (OPENTRAVELâ„¢ ALLIANCE) compliant.

So, if your business would like to increase your income and product distribution, please contact us or your local Open Distribution Network regional partner for further details.


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