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The Open Distribution Network as a global distribution network consisting of a network of regional partners, to help in the promotion and development of the network to be a global distribution network.

A Open Distribution region can be a state, province, country or a region (consisting of a number of small countries).

If you are a home base travel consultant,  wholesaler, e-wholesaler, tour operator, online travel agent, tourism/travel aggregator or a distribution sales channel, your business can be an Open Distribution regional partner to promote and develop business opportunities for tourism and travel operators, suppliers and retail partners within your region.

As an Open Distribution Network regional partner, you will be responsible for the development, distribution and promotion of tourism and travel operators and suppliers in your region.

As a regional partner, you will be responsible for development, operation and promotion of the Retail Partners Network to website owners, home based travel consultants, travel agencies, etc within your region including the payment of commission to retail partners within your region.

As a regional partner, your business can promote and sell a range of distribution and reservation software modules within your region.  These distribution and reservation software modules are are 100% compatible to the Open Distribution Network and fully customable to meet any potential tourism or travel operator requirements , earning your business additional income.

The Regional Partners network will  be supported by the global support phone assistance network operating a internet based VOIP phone system, allowing regional partners to communicate with our other regional partners across Open Distribution Network free of charge.

If your business would like to become a regional partner, please contact us for further details.

For a list of regional partners.


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