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About the Open Distribution Network

The Open Distribution Network is a joint venture between Internet Merchandising Systems Inc located in Canada and Tourism Distribution Systems Ltd located in New Zealand.

With approximately 35% of tourism and travel product and services are on larger server based
global GDS (Global Distribution Systems) networks, catering for airlines, major rental car operators, major hotel and accommodation chains, etc, the remaining 65% on tourism and travel operators and suppliers, consists of small to medium size businesses, who can not affordable the cost of distributing their product and services on larger GDS networks.

Both Internet Merchandising Systems Inc and Tourism Distribution Systems Ltd, having similar beliefs in the the concept of open distribution, by having an 'Open' platform, allowing tourism and travel businesses to receive reservation and payment data from one system or more systems without hindrance of proprietary systems.

With 55 years of collective knowledge and experience in computer networking and internet marketing, Internet Merchandising Systems Inc and Tourism Distribution Systems Ltd believes, using an 'Open Distribution' platform, allows the small to medium size tourism and travel business to distribute their products and services globally, on a cost effective basis.

Internet Merchandising Systems Inc is based in Canada and has been developing reservation distribution software for the tourism and travel industries since 2001. The owner of Merchandising Systems Inc, has had 30 years experience in computer networks and systems before purchasing Merchandising Systems Inc in 2001.

Tourism Distribution Systems Ltd is based in New Zealand and has been involved in tourism e-commerce since 2007. One of the original founders of Tourism Distribution Systems Ltd brought to the company, 25 years of experience in the travel industry ranging from retail to wholesale marketing, product development, reservations and distribution and developing niche markets.  17 years has been spent in internet marketing and tourism product distribution through a network of successful reservation marketing websites plus spent 12 years in developing New Zealand's gay and lesbian tourism industry.

Both companies are committed to the ongoing development of innovate products and services to meet ongoing needs of tourism and travel businesses, so they can improve profitability and productivity thorough 'Open Distribution'.


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