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Retail Partners Network

The Retail Partners Network is a retail distribution sales channel providing 24 hours a day - 7 days a week online availability, so customers are able to check availability, prices and make instant confirmation booking/s and/or create their own travel holiday, by using itinerary building technology, selecting from a wide of tourism products and services and make payment through one payment gateway from their smart phone, computer pad/tablet, netbook, laptop or PC.

The Retail Partners Network is designed for websites/e-agents, home based travel consultants, travel Agencies, regional tourism offices, accommodation providers, online magazines, etc, having access to a wide range of tourism and travel related products and services using white labelled integrated 'Search/Booking' box complete with shopping cart allowing customers to search, book and create their on travel plan.

The Retail Partners Network is connected to the Open Distribution Network by using an integrated 'Search/Booking' box and shopping cart, that can be easy installed onto any website by using simple java scripts.

The Retail Partners Networks can be used by any website owner, at home travel consultant, travel consultant at any travel agency, regional tourism organization or online magazine.

The Retail Partners Network operates a 3 tier commission system and pays commission to every retail partner who is connected to the Network for every 'Confirmed/Stayed', 'Confirmed/Travelled' or 'Confirmed/Used' bookings every month.

The Retail Partners Network allows any website owner, home based travel consultant or travel agency consultant to accept any electronic (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc) credit, debit or prepaid card to guarantee or pay for their client's booking directly with the supplier of the tourism or travel product or service being booked, without the need of having an electronic card merchant account, thus eliminating possible electronic card fraud.

The Retail Partners Network is supported by the Global Support Phone Assistance network that uses internet based VOIP phone system, allowing retail partners to provide phone assistance from their website or home based business.

So if you are website owner, home based travel consultant or travel agency wanting to increase your income, please contact us or your local Open Distribution Network regional partner for further details.


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